Robot Music

I produced this sound by playing one note in a virtual instrument called “Harmonic Dreamz” which is part of Pluggo by Cycling74. After that I automated random patch changes so that all of the twenty eight parameters included in the Harmonic Dreamz instrument were flying all over the place creating a frenetic passage of electronic mayhem. Then I arpeggiated the note with some slight randomness to the pattern and ended up with this.

To me it sounds as if it could be speech or perhaps singing in a robot language. I recorded several examples of it. Some of the other examples have slight variations and others have significant variations, so I may post some other versions at some point. This recording is in mono with no processing. The output is exactly what the virtual instrument produced given the parameters sent to the device.

Robot Instigator

6 thoughts on “Robot Music

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  3. That robot music is pretty sweet! I’ve heard good things about Pluggo but checked it out and I’m not crazy about the design of the user interface. It just looks a little, okay a lot dated to me. But who cares as long as the audio coming out of it is good right!

  4. Hey Adam. Pluggo is a huge collection of plugins made with MAX/MSP by various authors. The interfaces certainly lack consistency, but the spectrum of sonic possibilities is endless.

  5. @Paul No it’s just Pluggo. I think the patch change automation came to a stop near the end though. That might be what you’re hearing.

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