Pro-One Dub

Having been asked on more than one occasion, it is about time that I posted a sound from one of my favorite synthesizers, the Sequential Circuits Pro-One. This is actually two layered tracks of sounds I made with the Pro-One today in a session with Nils Westdal. The sounds are effects for a dub track at 73 beats per minute. I ran them through a couple of tempo delays and reverb to create some atmosphere. Even after using this instrument for more than ten years I still manage to get new sounds out of it. Perhaps it’s the unpredictability of the analogue oscillators and filters, or the fact that you cannot store presets, in any case it seems to breathe and even sometimes cough as if it needs to wake up a bit before behaving consistently. The short story is that this simple mono-synth from the early 1980’s has a lot of character.

Pro-One Dub

4 thoughts on “Pro-One Dub

  1. For added depth and texture when recording soft (or hard) synths run them into a guitar amp in an interesting sounding room and record with a microphone. Be careful of comb-filtering when combining with direct recorded versions of the same tracks.

  2. Oh how I love these types of sounds! Thanks for posting this one, I hope we get a chance to listen to the finished track.

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