Piano Mallet Loop

I extracted this loop from a recording of my piano that I made with the specific intention of not using the keyboard to make sound. I used a metal mallet to gently strike the strings and got lucky with this short ascending melody. It’s a one bar loop in 4:4 time at 67 beats per minute. I’ve looped it four times at full volume and then faded it out during the last two loops. I’m also including this sample in the “Share Remix Adapt” category, so if anyone wants to have a go at making a track out of this, please post the results in a comment so we can all have a listen. As stated in this post, all the examples in the “Share Remix Adapt” category have been licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Piano Mallet Loop

6 thoughts on “Piano Mallet Loop

  1. This track turned out to be a lot shorter than the one I thought I uploaded. I used ableton live. I made ten copies of the track, each looping a different eighth note displaced one sixteenth note from the beginning of the track. I distributed the ten samples across three tracks, one with granular delay, one with ping-pong delay, and one with chorus.

  2. i used your file in a song of mine. i created it using Reason. loaded the sample into the NNXT sampler, ranging over all keys. i used the sample once in full somewhere at the beginning of the song, and later on the sample is being played back on different speeds underneath drumbeats and a bit solo.
    i suck at mastering so the drums might be a little too loud for your taste. i might also suck at making music, but everyone tells me my stuff is great so i’ll never find out.

    here’s the song:

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