REV2 Degrader™

REV2 Degrader™ (R2DG for short) is a morphing patch editor for the Sequential Prophet REV2 polyphonic analog synthesizer. The application is designed to algorithmically morph parameters on the instrument in realtime. Keep playing or record the results as up to one-hundred-twenty-one parameters on the REV2 are changing all at once!

R2DG IS NOW AVAILABLE for Mac OS 10.11.x or higher and Windows 10. Use the buttons below to order R2DG for USD $39.99 through PayPal. The purchase price guarantees access to all future upgrades of R2DG and will help support the development of more software and patchbanks for the REV2 and other instruments. Most customers will be emailed a registration key and download link within an hour, but please allow up to 12 hours to account for different time zones.

Use R2DG to create anything from chaotic rapidly changing textures to slow evolving drones. REV2 Degrader breathes new life into the Prophet REV2 allowing you to explore vast unique soundscapes illustrating how powerful and diverse the possibilities of the REV2 really are. This tool is designed to help you uncover new territory hidden within the sonic depths of your instrument. Although R2DG was specifically built to work with the Sequential Prophet REV2, the software is independently designed and developed by John C.S. Keston of and unaffiliated with


R2DG opens with twelve presets adapted from the AudioCookbook REV2 Experimental Patch Bank. Each preset offers examples of how it will sound to start degrading from different sets of values and with different groups of parameters selected. Two other banks for R2DG presets are also included. You may save as many of your own preset files as you wish, each with twelve new starting points to morph from.


If you have a @SequentialLLC Prophet REV2, you GOTTA get this — it’s HP Lovecraft/John Carpenter’s The Thing morphing mutations for your sounds… conjure corrupted voices you never knew existed!@Torley

I would put down money that there isn’t a more expansive synth sound design tool than [REV2 Degrader] combined with the versatile REV2. I love starting on a patch I already like, place a hold on a note and then hit “play” in R2DG to hear real-time sound morphing. Just stunning, incredible results follow. Not only does it create the best and/or most interesting sounds I’ve ever heard, but it teaches me combinations of parameters that I hear going well together. I know I’d never discover these on my own.Sam VanLangingham