365 Sounds in 365 Days

regis_fire_diamondToday is the official release date for Precambrian Resonance. As I mentioned, the release is timed with my 365th sound posted on Audio Cookbook in 365 days. For my 365th sound I am presenting Fire Diamond. It is track number thirteen on the album. Whereas most of this release is a departure from my usual approach, in my opinion, this track is the most similar to my previous work out of any others within this collection. I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the album. Thanks to everyone who helped me complete this work, especially Nils Westdal, who proved to me that introspective music can be beautiful through his albums, Flavor Country, and Transdimensional Bypass.

Listen to Fire Diamond on Last.fm.

Off to CNMAT

trainersIn a few hours I’m headed to California for a night class on MaxMSP at CNMAT, the Center for New Music and Audio Technology, UC Berkeley. I am very excited to be visiting this historic college on their twentieth anniversary. In preparation for my trip I put my favorite pair of my trainers in the dryer after a wet ride in the rain. Naturally I recorded the stumbling rhythm they produced while tumbling in the heated bin.

Trainers in The Dryer

Last.fm Preview of Cuba Illinois

cuba_illinoisCuba Illinois is the last track on Precambrian Resonance. I produced this experimental ambient piece last September and have made very few changes from the first version that can be heard in the original Audio Cookbook post titled Cuba, Illinois. A consistent thread through piece is made up of sampled vowels sounds running through a vocoder. Here’s the full-length mastered preview on Last.fm.

Listen to Cuba Illinois on Last.fm.

Last.fm Preview of Blitzen Machine

Blitzen Machine is one of the first tracks that I finished for Precambrian Resonance, and one of the few that includes a keyboard solo, although I’d describe the solo as melodic passages with improvised variations.

Regular ACB listeners might hear sounds that were originally One Sound Every Day entries, like AM Radio Static. I also included techniques that I described in Robot Music and in Robot Conspiracy as a basis for the track. For this album I essentially have an online diary that describes how each of the pieces were produced, the concepts involved, and sounds used right here on Audio Cookbook.

Listen to Blitzen Machine on Last.fm.