Ultraviolet Amphibian Live Segment

This segment of Ultraviolet Amphibian was recorded during a live performance at the Nomad in Minneapolis on June 10, 2008. I’m including it as today’s sound to give you an idea how Keston and Westdal’s live performances sound compared to our studio recordings. There’s more improvisation during our live shows as well as the addition of live drums. This performance features Graham O’Brien.

Unfortunately board mixes like this one are rarely balanced because the sound is being mixed for the room. Anything loud or amplified on stage like bass guitar or drums don’t come through very well. Since the laptops, Rhodes and synth are going direct they are much louder in the board mix. I ran the recording through some pretty complex equalization and compression to try and bring out the bass guitar, but it still lacks the luster of the mastered studio version.

Tonight we are playing at the Kitty Cat Klub in Minneapolis. Tuesday, September 2nd we are performing at Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis for a pro-art and political progress rally put on by TheUnConvention.com, and held during the Republican National Convention. For more information please visit our shows page on unearthedmusic.com.

Ultra Violet Amphibian Live Segment

Studio Version of Ultraviolet Amphibian

6 thoughts on “Ultraviolet Amphibian Live Segment

  1. that live segment is awesome! would love to see you guys play live, it would be other-worldly i’m sure. shame i’m on a different continent. i’m also sad it fades out when it does..it sounds like the rhodes is about to kick in with something amazing.

  2. Not a republican arts convention. That would be an oxymoron. We are playing during the convention, but the event is a rally / protest against the RNC. The Neocons decided to hold their convention in St. Paul / Minneapolis, so us liberals are taking the opportunity to speak out against them through our music and art.

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