Duet No. 2 With The Singing Ringing Tree


This was the second take on day one of my Duets recording project with the Singing Ringing Tree (SRT), a wind activated musical panopticon in Northern England. The sculpture was designed by architects Tonkin Liu and completed in December 2006. I performed accompaniment for the SRT binaural recording simultaneously using a Novation Bass Station II connected to a USB battery. I also ran the Bass Station II through a Moog Minifooger Delay. Eventually I will be producing videos of these compositions. For now I wanted to try a quick mix to get an idea of how things will sound.

NOTE: This is a binaural recording combined with a monophonic synthesizer track. Although it sounds great through speakers, circumaural headphones must be used to experience the binaural effect.

5 thoughts on “Duet No. 2 With The Singing Ringing Tree

  1. a very interesting project – I like the mix of synth with natural ambience, and the panopticon.

  2. Thanks, Scotty and thanks, Joo Won! I have thought about how to do it live. The problem is that it would be difficult for attendees to experience the binaural effect. If circumaural headphones were provided for each audience member it could work.

  3. very, very cool. I thing the sound separation is deeper than you believe it to be. fun!!

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