The Audible Edge

I am pleased to announce my participation in The Audible Edge, a group exhibition that “explores intersections of architecture and sound, inside and outside the gallery space.”

The Audible Edge includes With Hidden Noise, a traveling exhibition of sound art projects, including works by Taylor Deupree, Jennie C. Jones, Pauline Oliveros, Andrea Parkins, Steve Peters, Steve Roden, Michael J. Schumacher, and Stephen Vitiello. With Hidden Noise is part of ICI’s Exhibitions in a Box series. Produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, this exhibition is curated by Stephen Vitiello. The Audible Edge includes artists invited by the organizing team to participate in the exhibition, including J. Anthony Allen, Philip Blackburn, Mary Ellen Childs, Douglas Ewart, Douglas Geers, Beatrix*JAR, John Keston, Abinadi Meza, Ryan Wurst and Patrick Beseda.

The exhibition runs from May 27 to July 26, 2014 with an opening reception during Northern Spark on June 14. As well as exhibiting I will be performing my piece Vocalise Sintetica (performed recently at Echofluxx in Prague) during the opening reception. My exhibit is a new piece in my series Spectral Tablature called Synthetic Skyline in collaboration with designer Jasio Stefanski.

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