Audiovisual Grain Machine Demo

Here’s a quick demo of the software I am designing to do audiovisual granular synthesis that I’ll be presenting at Moogfest and performing with at Echofluxx. It allows a performer to apply granular synthesis to sound and corresponding video using a touch interface such as MIRA (shown). The audio and video are synchronized in parallel. The software also has the capability to capture and repeat gestures so that the performer can accompany the projections with multiple layers and arrange compositions in a performance setting. This demo granulates the voice and image of Lister Rossel. In addition I use analogue synthesizers to contrast the digital manipulations.

This work alludes to the speech-to-song illusion discovered by Diana Deutsch. It also evokes an “event fusion” as vocalizations are repeated much faster than humanly possible until they enter the audio range. Adding the corresponding visuals makes it appear uncanny as video and sound are looped in millisecond intervals.

9 thoughts on “Audiovisual Grain Machine Demo

  1. That’s an absolutely gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing. The main difference with my work is stated in the description: “Edited on various AVID Suites in England and Austria between 1994-96.” My piece is performed live using touchscreen controls in real-time. This is something that probably wasn’t possible between 1994-96 using consumer grade equipment.

  2. Cheers, Genji. Got a few people interested in checking it out so I can add you to the list. I’d love to see/hear how other people use it and what videos they use.

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