Video: REV2 Patch Degrader Demo & Sounds

This video describes and demonstrates the device I designed to create most of the patches in the REV2 Experimental Sound Set available here on

I am hoping to make it available sometime in the next few months if I can gage enough interest for a release. To hear five minutes of just the patches (no talking) please skip to 9:56. Also a complete playlist of all 128 patches is available on SoundCloud:

4 thoughts on “Video: REV2 Patch Degrader Demo & Sounds

  1. This is awesome! I’ll definitely buy this for Windows when it comes out. I was also wondering it you have tried the software with the Prophet 08. I make software for a living and music to stay sane. If you like, I can help in porting the software to the Prophet 08 / Windows.

  2. Hello, Daan! Thanks for the feedback. It is not compatible with the 08, but perhaps a future project. Right now I’m busy working on an app for the Ashun Sound Machines Hydrasynth which is very complex, but nearing a release!

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