Piano Sound Objects

This as yet untitled rough mix is made up of a few simple melodies recorded on my 1916 Raudenbush & Sons upright piano. Interspersed within the piece are a number of what I’m calling piano sound objects. I used a couple of different techniques to create these sounds.

To get some of the sound objects I tapped the strings with a variety of mallets. Another sound was created by rubbing a mallet along the string in a rhythmic pattern. I also created an interesting sound using a brush, intended for use on drums, to stroke the strings across the sound board.

The processing involved includes high quality reverberation, equalization, and compression, but I also took the liberty of applying pitch shifting a reverse in a few places. Although all of the sounds originate from the same acoustic piano, I would still call this an electronic piece because of the editing, treatments and processing used.

Untitled Piano Sound Objects

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