TouchOSC Controlled Glitch Looper in MaxMSP

Custom TouchOSC LayoutI don’t have this patch ready to share yet, but I thought I could at least explain a little bit about it and offer an audio example. What I’m working on is a device to manipulate samples in unconventional ways using alternative input methods. This audio clip, for example, was generated using a Max patch that adjusts the playback frequency and length of a sample using an x-y controller. The x-axis controls the frequency while the y-axis controls the sample length. For a controller I used an iPod Touch running TouchOSC. I’ve been using Mrmr as well, but wanted to try TouchOSC now that it has an editor to create custom layouts.

My goal is to create several pages in TouchOSC that allow you to manipulate one of five samples in several different ways. The image is a shot of my iPod Touch displaying the custom layout that I created and connected to my Max patch for creating the sound linked below.

Mad Looper

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