Step Sequencer Built in MaxMSP

step_seq_detailI built this step sequencer in Max/MSP today as an exercise. My intent was a to build a simple step sequencer, however it got more and more complicated as time went on. This is probably not a tool that I’d actually use without some significant changes, but I learned quite a bit in the process of creating it.

The core of the sequencer is an itable object that contains the note sequence. The user interface items all have a green background. The first thing I wanted to be able to do was to allow the user to set the number of notes in the sequence and adjust the note range (click the image for a detailed view). Then I wanted to be able to randomize the notes regardless of the length and range of the sequence. I also added the ability for the user to set the velocity of each note in the sequence with a multislider object.

BPM, note length, amplitude envelope, and master volume are all also adjustable. After all that I added in the ability to send the sequence to a noteout object, so it can be played via MIDI. Here’s a clippy sequence I created using the tool.

Clippy Step Sequence

8 thoughts on “Step Sequencer Built in MaxMSP

  1. can these be used with the free runtime? totally lacking the funds for the full program and I am a total noob when it comes to max. Tried copying the code and saving them as .maxpat and I am getting nothing.

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  6. Hi i am following your Max patches online and am looking at the MonoStepSequencer patch. I have created the same patch on my MAX system but it is only creating one single tone and will not follow the allocated steps within the itable. Is this something to do with the MIDI capabilities of my Laptop or would it be something else that im doing? I would really appreciate any help on the matter

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