Throat Singing

I have been wanting to post an example of my talented friend Chris Huff throat singing for some time, so here it is in all its unprocessed monophonic glory. Throat singing or overtone singing is a technique that vocalists use to sing multiple pitches at the same time with a single voice and is often used in various religious chants in central Asia.

I refrained from dousing it with a Taj Mahal style reverberation setting in case anyone wants to use it, since I am placing in it in the Share Remix Adapt sample pool. See if you can identify how many pitches he is producing simultaneously. It’s a little difficult to discern because of the dissonant intervals.

Chris Huff Throat Singing



2 thoughts on “Throat Singing

  1. Wow, this sounds pretty strange – seems Chris is just awakening and stretching. However the overtones are audible clearly.

    So here’s my attempt of producing under- and overtones…
    The sample consists of two breaths, each one starting with the undertone (throat chant – 1 octave down) and return to normal voice with different added overtones (prime, 3rd or 5th respectively) depending on formed vovels.
    In the second breath I tried to switch the undertone to an even lower level which happens to be a 5th under the suboctave.

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