Phone Recording of Car Park Reverberation

The scene is a huge and deserted underground car park around 3am. You shut the door to your vehicle. the sound reverberates for almost a minute. What do you do? Do it again! I found myself in this position after a late evening out with my wife recently. Unfortunately all I had available to make a recording was my mobile phone. So, I set it to record and started opening and closing the door to my wife’s pickup truck, listening to the results. I knew the recording would suck, but I had to take a crack at it. As you may have heard, my wife thinks I’m crazy. As long as she doesn’t find out it’s true, I think I’m ok.

Car Park Reverb

2 thoughts on “Phone Recording of Car Park Reverberation

  1. The way the carpark reverb clip ended sounded like a sweet intro to something….The way your car door was beeping, cool rhythm to start with.

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