Synth Bass Through Resonators

I made this synth bass patch today on the MKS-80 and performed real time edits with the Bitstream 3X sending sysex directly to the instrument. This technique feels a lot smoother and lower in latency that any other routing method I have tried so far. After recording it I ran it through Ableton’s resonators and automated some chord changes. Here’s an excerpt from the results.

Synth Bass Through Resonators

3 thoughts on “Synth Bass Through Resonators

  1. i didnt know the resonator could change the sound like that. looks like i’m gonna have to get busy with that effect again.

  2. Yeah man. The resonators are awesome. For this I put them on a send with a filtered delay in front it, then brought it up here and there. I also automated pitch changes, which is what you see in the image.

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