Bitstream 3X MIDI Controller

I just got a Bitstream 3X MIDI controller (BS3X), and have just started experimenting with it. This is a complex and fully programmable device, so I will need some time with it before I have learned the best way to incorporate it my setup. The easiest way to use it is in standard mode where no programming is required on the unit. Simply map the controls in the software you are using. However, what makes the BS3X powerful is the user mode where every assignable control can be programmed. A sophisticated editor allows the user to map these controls based on a long list of device parameters such as “Roland D50 Upper Partial 1 – TVF Cutoff Frequency”.

Just to get started with the device I used the standard mode and mapped the bulk of Roland MKS-80 parameters to it via the reKon Audio VST-AU MKS-80 editor in Ableton Live. For the VCF cutoff and resonance I used the XY axis joystick. This gave me one finger control over both of these parameters for very expressive control of the filter. I also mapped the VCF envelope LFO depth to the ribbon controller for another way to manipulate the filter. In one take using only three controls (the XY axis, ribbon, and a knob mapped to the LFO rate) I performed this drone.

MKS-80 XY Axis Drone

10 thoughts on “Bitstream 3X MIDI Controller

  1. It looks like a really sophisticated upgrade for the korg nano controller you’re already using

  2. the 3x is great used one for a few years, stupidly selling it and regretting it ever since… very good controller i wish waveidea would continue developing controllers.

  3. I wonder if they have anything in the works? There is still activity on their forums and I have been in contact with support. There’s also talk of open sourcing the software. I agree that it’s a good controller. Very deep if you want it to be. I’ve spent far longer that I ought to learning the ins and outs and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

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