Sound of the Economy Flushed Down a Million Electric Toilets

To create this sound I took the bubbles sound from yesterday and programmed it into a simple sampling VST. I built a pattern of chords in a MIDI clip that covered a wide range of frequencies for the sample simultaneously. This created a sort of spectrum of pitches. The next step was to spread that spectrum of pitches by resampling the output in a processor called Fragulator that effectively chops up the sample into fragments that can then be automatically looped at different frequencies.

I automated the speed and size of the samples so that I could go from a high-frequency-electronic-stock-market-crash effect to a fragmented-toilet-gurgle-of-lost-revenue sound in a fraction of a second with a controller. I hope you will enjoy listening to this sound more that watching your savings evaporate.

Pitch Spectrum


2 thoughts on “Sound of the Economy Flushed Down a Million Electric Toilets

  1. Interesting processing technique, the resulting sounds are amazing.
    Btw… this reminds me to early childhood days, when I watched my father washing his car in our backyard. As he hosed down the chassis, one could hear alot of metal resonance, almost like the car was telling, kinda “Yeah, more to the shoulder” or “Be careful in the rims, I’m ticklish!”
    Thanks for this flashback ;o)

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