Nine Forms of Transportation in One Day

My first method of transportation was cycling to a meeting at my work in downtown Minneapolis. After cycling home and packing for my trip I walked to the bus stop, caught a bus to the light rail and took that to the Hubert H. Humphrey airport. I walked, took an elevator and an escalator to get to the terminal. After meeting my wife, we took at plane to Seattle and used the moving walkway to get to the bag claim area where her parents picked us up and drove us to their home in Gig Harbor, Washington. So the complete list is cycling, walking, bus, rail, elevator, escalator, plane, moving walkway, and automobile.

Here’s a compilation of excerpts from six of the methods of transportation that I managed to get the recorder out in time to capture. The sequence is bus, rail, walking, elevator, airplane (take off and landing), and automobile. I hastily transitioned them all together with cross fades in Audacity on my mother-in-law’s PC because I foolishly decided to leave my laptop at home. Thanks, Julie!

Six Forms of Transportation

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