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Keston and Westdal’s latest release, One Day to Save All Life (ODTSAL), has been reviewed in Signal to Noise, The Journal of Improvised and Experimental Music. This review from “The most respected journal of experimental, improvised and otherwise interesting music” ( is the highest praise yet for the release. Please visit Unearthed Music to read the review.

Unearthed Music makes full-length 128kbps MP3 previews of every track in their catalog available on their website. So, in light of the review I am including one of my favorite tracks from ODTSAL, Electric Sheep, as today’s sound on If you like what you hear consider purchasing music from our independent and artist owned label. Why? Because without your support we and others like us would not be able to continue providing you with the music you love. And what kind of world would that be?

Electric Sheep


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  1. Hey Paul,

    I originally programmed the drums in Electric Sheep with stock sounds that aren’t in the final mix. Nils Westdal took my MIDI clips and replaced the drums with a kit that he meticulously constructed from individual slices out of an obscure jazz break.

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