Prophesser #5

I’m not going to mention software or instruments that I’ve used. I will mention that one of my main artistic functions has been the roll of a bass player since age 11. In this case the bass guitar has been silenced. This is not the first time I’ve produced music without the use of my reliable four stringed chum but maybe the first time I’ve used a foreign instrument as the key writing tool, and may very well be a catalyst for my fourth full length release as ten72. This track has the working title of Prophesser #5.

Prophesser #5

3 thoughts on “Prophesser #5

  1. Sounds awesome, Nils! However, this is Audio Cookbook, so you are required to give us some details on how you produced the track. Don’t give away all your secrets though! ;)

  2. Nice sounds! I like the subtle bit-reduction on the bass. The title reminds me “Prophet 5” so maybe you were using that bit of software. Anyways, cool track!

  3. Thanks! And yes! You’ve cracked the code. The bass sound was created using Arturias Prophet V. Just some minor filtering and frequncy nob turning until it sounded just right. I use Ableton Live to record but the Prophet was not slaved. I recorded it loosely in Live and then found a tempo and decided to program the rest around it. Just a rough mix so far.

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