More from the Casio CZ-1000

Here’s an arpeggio I recorded with my Casio CZ-1000 that’s part of a composition I’m working on. I really love this synth. There’s something special about the way it sounds when combining phase distortion with ring modulation. I added a bit of reverb to give it some space.

Bell Like Casio CZ-1000 Arpeggio

4 thoughts on “More from the Casio CZ-1000

  1. Yes it is very 80s (which I like). Although it resembles FM, the combination of synthesis techniques in this synth doesn’t really sound like anything else, except other Casios in the CZ line.

  2. Wow, nice sound. Do you know of any websites that have some details about the CZ-1000’s envelopes? I just got one, but I’m just messing around with them and not quite sure what they actually do to the sounds.

  3. The envelopes adjust the shape and timbre of the sound. They have eight stages, which is more is more than the typical ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release). I don’t know of any websites for the CZ series specifically, but if you can find a manual that will help explain. I have the CZ-101 manual from when I had a 101, which is essentially the same. So, if you can find either manual you’ll be in good shape.

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