Octave Pedal Rhodes

A variation of this clip is probably going to end up in a new track that Nils Westdal and I are working on. After a recent session Nils left his Boss OC-1 pedal in the studio for me to mess around with. The first thing I did was plug the Rhodes into it. The cool thing about the OC-1 is that if you play intervals into it it gets confused and randomly switches between notes. The results are unpredictable, but it’s also possible to get consistently unpredictable results. I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but duplicating certain intervals at specific dynamics allows you to mold the output into something usable. This is what I was going for in this example. I edited the recording to a suitable length, added some delay, and then automated a filter to manipulate the texture.

Octave Pedal Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Octave Pedal Rhodes

  1. This kind of thing happens with the Harmonic Synthesizer in Guitar Rig too (octave slider it think). Kind of handy if you want that effect in software. Now that I mention it that particular part of Guitar Rig is quite handy at mangling quite a few things. : )

    This example you have sounds pretty cool.

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