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light_controllerHere’s a segment from another jam session using the GMS with Graham O’Brien on drums. This was our second attempt, and performed at a slower tempo than the third piece that I posted excerpts from recently. I’m looking forward to the next session because I’ve done a bit of refining within the GMS code, including some optimization and bug fixing.

I was going to name this project “Particle System” (as in particles of light that drive the GMS), but then I learned that there’s a popular band called “Particle” and decided against it. I’m horrible at naming things, so if any of you ACB readers have any brilliant ideas, let ‘um fly.

Jam 2 Segment

7 thoughts on “Name My New Project

  1. That was supposed to say “look like” above. Alas. Btw, these jams are sounding excellent, when are you playing a set in Atlanta? :)

  2. “Sprinkler” springs to mind. Or “Bursting bubbles”, “Bubble burst”..

    “Zero-gravity bubble-burst” would be a name that if someone used it, I would like to hear what he has to say. And you definitely have much!


  3. How about something like “sround”? As it’s round and sound/performance related. Thinking about it, a “soründ” variant would be even sweeter, with the umlaut sort of indicating that it’s “u” controlling the dots/particles/buttons…

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