Water Over the Dam

damThe sound of the water going over this section of the Coon Rapids dam across the Mississippi river about fifteen miles North of Minneapolis, was deafening. Virtually all other sound within the environment was drowned (no pun intended) out by the fierce white water noise. I made a recording that is about a minute and a half long. Here’s about thirty seconds of it, but my questions is what would one use this sort of sound for, other than water over a dam sound effects?

Water Over the Coonrapids Dam

5 thoughts on “Water Over the Dam

  1. Could be used as part of a non-literal sound design moment taking you into the psycological POV of a character in a film or game type situation perhaps?

    I’m sure it would be useful in helping to build up a rich texture in an electro-acoustic piece…

  2. How about using this as a surreal, surround channel, enveloping the audience as the 1st person POV camera gets sucked into a TV? You can use the real stuff for the center channel, and let this sound blow your viewers minds…er, ears.

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