My First Few Weeks with the Moog Sub 37


I pre-ordered the Moog Sub 37 days after it was announced and have been sitting on the edge of my seat ever since anticipating its arrival. Finally it arrived during one of my busiest times in several years. As a result I have had very little time with the instrument. However, I can already tell that it will be a relationship as enduring as the decades long relationship I have had with the SCI Pro-One.

First and foremost the Sub 37 is feels like an instrument because it is an instrument. It has been designed to be musical and and expressive in the hands of a musician. The semi-weighted keyboard feels solid and just stiff enough to play dynamically. Velocity and pressure sensitivity react nicely with little adjustment necessary. With all the knobs available, programming is fast, but there are loads additional features under the hood. This does require menu diving, but it’s reasonable considering the modulation routing possibilities.


I have performed twice using the Sub 37 with two different projects (DKO at the Dakota and Coloring Time at the Icehouse). In both instances it was a pleasure to have it on stage on top of the Rhodes. Soon I’ll be posting some of my experiments. I also just received an Elektron Analog Four, so some experiments with both of these amazing machines will make up the bulk of future posts for the next couple of months and beyond.

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