Duet No.4 for Synthesizer and The Singing Ringing Tree

This is the fourth document from my five day recording session and performance series at the Singing Ringing Tree (SRT) in Burnley, UK. I performed accompaniment for the SRT binaural recordings simultaneously using a Novation Bass Station II connected to a USB battery. I also ran the Bass Station II through a Moog Minifooger Delay.

NOTE: This is a binaural recording combined with a monophonic synthesizer track. Although it sounds great through speakers, circumaural headphones must be used to experience the binaural effect.

Visitors Day Three

Day three was one of the most productive of the session. Partly because the wind was good. I had also become acclimated to the location and was able to get the gear up and running more quickly. The weather was generally sunny inviting more visitors to the panopticon. This created a few interruptions, but in turn, I was inspired by their stories.

Vincent Day Three

As you can see my custom built binaural head mic, Vincent, was getting a little battered. However, the damage was largely cosmetic so I was still able to get a good recording of the environment.

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