Glassy Pad from the Roland D-50

Before I continue I must admit that I have always had a problem with the term “pad” as a catch-all term for sustained synthesizer textures. I also have an aversion to using sounds that are described in that manner. I’m not exactly sure why, but it might have to do with the idea of padding. Padding is an unnecessary stuffing use to protect things from hard edges, or prevent delicate items from being broken. I’ll stop there with the metaphors, but my aversion comes down to not wanting to produce work where any sound is considered filler. However, I realize that this term is impossible to escape, so over the years I have tried to embrace it, but it still doesn’t sit right for me. In any case here’s a “sustained synthesizer texture”, produced by the Roland D-50, that I’m quite fond of.

Glassy D50 Pad

2 thoughts on “Glassy Pad from the Roland D-50

  1. comment in support of your position on the use of the word “pad”

    (physical, real) padding is in many cases _necessary_ stuffing I think!

  2. I can see that; crash helmets and such. Sustained synthesizer texture is a little awkward though. We need a new term. How about stratum?

    –noun, plural stra·ta
    a layer of material, naturally or artificially formed, often one of a number of parallel layers one upon another: a stratum of ancient foundations.

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