Generative Accident – Dripping Water

dripI have been re-reading articles on Generative music in Audio Culture : Readings in Modern Music again, and some unplanned generative music took me be suprise – dripping from my jumper.

I set up a few cardboard loo rolls to resonate with the sound and stood around for 5 minutes recording it all. There are some really interesting syncopated moments, all underpinned with a regular metronomic beat. I liked the intrusion of external sounds to the mix, as you listen on. A Happy accident


generative dripping clothes

rec@24/96 with rode nt5 and fostex fr2le, minimal eq



5 thoughts on “Generative Accident – Dripping Water

  1. Hi Tom,

    Very nice work. Where is the water dripping? It sounds like you’re in a small mudroom with the door closed. However, when the beeps come in toward the end, it seems that you are near the kitchen with the door opened. I think some simple EQs or coloring could place this in several differenct areas of the house. Great base sound with many possibilities!


  2. Hi Tom,

    Nice clear sound and some nice rythmic moments. I might put some drums over it and a bass later on and see how it fits. Are you samples Royalty FREEEEEEEEE?

    Keep up the good work

    P.S. What MIC and Pre did u use?

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  4. hey tom!

    thanks for the lovely dripping track, i got lost in it for a while ;-)
    the book you mentioned is very interesting to, lead me on a extended wikipedia exploration! Most defiantly generative systems will start appearing more and more in our daily lives. I´m curious how it will impact society and our concept of creativity and creator.

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