What’s Your Favorite Traveling Music?

DC Subway StationYesterday I got up at 4:00am to fly to Seattle for the holidays. It being one of the busiest times of the year, the airport was jam packed and chaotic. When I was finally settled on the plane and off the ground I cued up Boards of Canada on my iPod to drown out the sound around me.

Within a few minutes I could feel the travel stress melting away as if the music was programming my brain to relax and empty the trash. Anyone else have any particular music that they listen to when traveling? Brian Eno perhaps? Debussy? How about the opposite extremes? Speed metal or drum n bass?

20 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Traveling Music?

  1. I personally like listening to Secede — especially “Depart and Arrive” which even contains samples of somebody going on a plane trip.

    Other than that, I usually don’t even bring an mp3 player when traveling, instead I cook up some of my own music on my Nintendo DS. ;)

  2. If you enjoyed Boards of Canada, you should have checked out Explosions in the Sky or perhaps The Album Leaf. I’m not traveling right now, but have thoroughly been enjoying their sounds for awhile now and highly recommend!

  3. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Yanqui U.X.O. tops my list, though old stuff like Massive Attack’s Blue Lines and Aphex Twin’s Ambient Volumes are nice as well. I second Explosions in the Sky. If I’m feeling rhythmic I pick up some Arovane.

  4. Music for 18 Musicians for that relaxed yet alert state that lets you rest while not spacing you out to the point that you forget luggage or miss a flight.

  5. During landing I have often found myself to enjoy Burial very much. Especially when landing when it is very dark outside.

    For falling asleep on long flights, I think podcasts such as This American Life works very well.

  6. Telefon Tel Aviv



    I’m a stressed out traveler, so the more ambient/pretty IDM stuff is good to calm me down, that and an adult beverage helps too.

    If I’m not really feeling electronica Sigur Ros works well, and yes, Explosions in The Sky.

  7. +1 on everything so far but depending on how I’m traveling I dig Kraftwerk. Autobahn is a great driving song as is Tour De France. (not to mention a lot of their other stuff)

  8. I like deepchord for travelling, especially when flying. All the noise washes mask out or blend with the noise of the plane. It’s like a cosy aural sleeping bad.

  9. Go on Last.fm and listen to Explosions in the Sky recommendations radio, and find nice bands like Yndi Halda, Daturah, and Evpatoria Report.

  10. Ive composed a list of travelling music in relationship to the type of transportation I’ve used:
    Bus: Modest Mouse
    Foot: Bonobo
    Subway/Train: Girl Talk
    Airplane: I am Winter Nights

  11. For whatever reason these are my top travel music …

    Music For Airports!

    Aphex Twin’s Drukqs (and band playlist on my iPod)
    Roxy Music best of …
    Alex Empire’s The Destroyer (and ATR band playlist on my iPod)
    Wu-Tang Clan’s Enter the Wu-Tang

  12. I was just turned on to Boards of Canada the other day, as a matter of fact. My preferred traveling music is another Warp Records artist Squarepusher. Can’t get enough smooth jazzy drum and bass.

  13. BOC. “In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country”. I could drive across Alaska, Siberia, even West Oakland and feel like cruise control….

    Pixies, “All Over The World”.

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