Yamaha FS1R Formant Sequencer Ra Re Ri Ro Ru


This short experiment was produced by programming a custom formant sequence into the infamous Yamaha FS1R. This is not possible to do with the unit alone, but there are some great tools that make it possible that I’ll discuss an upcoming article. A formant sequence essentially modulates the formant shaping operators on the FS1R modeled after the spectra from am audio signal. This patch repurposes a vocal track from my project Voice Lessons as the formant sequence.

Ra Re Ri Ro Ru FS1R Formant Sequence

4 thoughts on “Yamaha FS1R Formant Sequencer Ra Re Ri Ro Ru

  1. I really like the pad behind the fseq. How is it made? May I ask you to send it by email? Thanks.

  2. Thanks, John. I don’t remember it being anything that special. Mostly is was an organ like patch with some pitch mod applied. Unfotunately I accidentally wrote over the patch recently so I won’t be able to send it. Shouldn’t be to hard to emulate though.

  3. Thanks, John.

    Got it! ‘Drawbar’ algorithm (aka alg #1 ;) + LFO + slow attack (I guess I was a bit tired when I ask that dumb question…).

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