DKO at FRANK Part 3: Everyday Music

This is another excerpt from a performance by DKO from the MCAD MFA open studio night on December 7, 2012. The document features Oliver Grudem (not shown) who produced the audiovisual score in real-time. The video and sound coming from the LED display and loud speaker below it was broadcast into the performance space as Oliver walked around the Minneapolis Uptown area during a snow storm. Listen for traffic, footsteps, car horns, and the occasional blurt of humans speech. The visuals and sound from his walk provided a “score” for the ensemble to respond to as we improvised. Oliver was also able to hear the musical reactions to the audiovisual score as he was broadcasting and respond accordingly.

The piece was recorded with my custom built binaural head microphone (Vincent) to capture the sound localization of the performance space. Remember that it is necessary to wear high quality, circumaural headphones to experience the binaural effect. While watching, imagine you are in the same position as Vincent. You should hear the bass clarinet in your left ear, the Rhodes and synthesizers to the right and the drums and video sound in front. The relative height of the sound should also be noticeable.

4 thoughts on “DKO at FRANK Part 3: Everyday Music

  1. I put on my circumaural headphones and wow! Great sound and the most relaxing sense of being ‘right there’ of any recording. Just terrific.

  2. Hi John, Love to go but I am on the other side of the world in Alice Springs Australia. That is why I was excited to have such a vivid audio experience. Its as close as I will ever get!

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