Electric Drill Sounds

Here are the original electric drill sounds from the Power Tool Percussion post, which I am presenting without any processing by request. The recording was made with a Shure VP88 stereo condenser microphone. I ran the drill at several different speeds while holding it still, and moving it around the mic to simulation motion.

Toward the end you can hear the stress on the motor as I drilled a few holes in a piece of wood. Although I have done lots of strange things to produce sound in my past, for some reason it felt really weird drilling holes in wood for no reason other than capturing the sound it made.

Electric Drill Recording


One thought on “Electric Drill Sounds

  1. I don’t know squat about electronics or sound design. I do know power tools, and I love noise. Hold your chuck still and lightly pull the trigger and squeel. It’s my favorite drill noise. the dry sound really makes what you did with it impressive.

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