Handlebar Blow Pipes

I commute by bicycle daily and cycle for fun often as well, so I have lots of bike parts lying around that I should probably throw away. About a month ago I was hit by a car in the bike lane, but came out relatively unscathed. A few days later I realized my handlebars were slightly bent in the accident. After replacing them I decided to record some sounds I was making with the old ones. I chopped out the best samples and put them into an instrument so I could play them with a controller. I messed about with that for a little while then, just for fun, ran it through a long reverb. Here are the preliminary results.

Handlebar Wind

4 thoughts on “Handlebar Blow Pipes

  1. Thanks Jeff and Paul. I ran it through Ableton’s standard reverb. I turned off the input processing. By default a high cut filter is enabled, but I wanted the breathy quality to come through. I also extended the decay time to 5.45 seconds and dry/wet to 45%.

  2. I’m seriously impressed by how interesting and dynamic these sounds are… from an old set of handle bars. I’m assuming you blew across one of the holes to get the tones out. Great character to these sounds. Love this site by the way. Thanks for tinkering in public.

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