Duet for Synthesizer and Rail Cars

Here’s another piece in my series of subversive duets with indeterminate events. This piece will be shown, along with similar work, at my MFA thesis exhibition next month. NOTE: This is a binaural recording mixed with a monophonic, analog, synthesizer performance. Please use circumaural headphones to experience the binaural effect.

2 thoughts on “Duet for Synthesizer and Rail Cars

  1. That was awesome! I really enjoyed the binaural effect on the train as well as the synth. When it got percussive I was a little disappointed it didn’t develop into a groove with some other instruments!

    I like your dog. Those are the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 ohm, correct? Also, what synth are you using?

  2. Thanks Jon! They are the 250ohm version. I am using the Korg Monotribe for this series. Battery powered and quite flexible sonically for a single oscillator synth. Mainly because the LFO goes right up into the audible range.

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