Duet for Synthesizer and Freight Train

This is the second study in a series of duet recordings that I am working on. In this example I made a recording of a freight train passing from about fifteen feet away using my Sony PCM-D50. On a side note the train recording was made in December of 2008, and I had no Idea until recently that I would be using it as a test layer for this project. Next I performed along with the recording while attempting to listen and react the same way I would when improvising with a human performer. The synthesizer I used (and may use for all of these) is my Sequencial Circuits Pro-One running through the Memory Man delay. There’s quite a bit of low end in the synth for the first two thirds of the piece, so I recommend listening on a good system, or set of headphones, turned up as loud as you can manage!

Listen to the original, uncompressed train recording from December, 2008:
Winter Freight

5 thoughts on “Duet for Synthesizer and Freight Train

  1. I think this is great. The synth really adds something to the atmosphere of the train recordings. Nice work!

  2. Cool experiment. Drew my attention cause I’ve also been using some recordings of the massive freight train by my apartment lately – the sounds from those things passing by are intense!

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