BS3X Driven Broken Arpeggio

I recorded this arpeggio recently that I created using the Roland MKS-80 and the Bitstream 3X MIDI controller. Every once in a while it’s nice to leave the computer out of the equation and this was one of those times. As I have outlined before, the arpeggiator on the BS3X has a distinct collection of features that allow for an interesting mix of possibilities. For this example I put it into the keyboard mode, disabling the built in melodies in favor of using a keyboard to choose the notes.

BS3X Driven Broken Arpeggio

2 thoughts on “BS3X Driven Broken Arpeggio

  1. One of the problems I’m encountering with arpeggiation is timing. If you don’t hit the chord exactly right with all fingers simultaneously, it throws the sequence off. Slowing things down helps, but I’m finding it easier to enter broken chords manually. Your vignette has a sweet modality.

  2. @Sharon: It depends on the arp. Many software arpeggiators will quantize the input so your timing doesn’t have to be perfect.Whereas older hardware arps (like the Pro-One) require better technique.

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