Colors Shifting Remix by ten72

A few years back I decided to enter a remix contest presented by ccMixter and XLR8R Magazine. The track to be remixed was “Colors Shifting” by Ghostly International recording artist Christopher Willits. Of course the contest was almost over when I started so I was really just doing it for shear creativity. I used only a small amount of samples that were available which included a string section, voice and guitar sound I think. One of my favorite sections of this remix was created by sampling my own bass harmonics and then programing them into a pretty melodic pattern. I had a couple email conversations with Chris himself letting him know that I couldn’t finish it in time. He was nice enough to let me know he would consider a late submission but I ended up working on it for another month and kept it to myself until now. 


Listen to the original version of Colors Shifting.

2 thoughts on “Colors Shifting Remix by ten72

  1. Had a listen to the original. I think your version is somehow more vivid, groovy and imaginative… has a nice backing pad and percussion layer.
    Maybe I will even use it in a mix: the other day I created a vocal track (french poem, spoken in chords – processed via vocoder) and was looking for matching accompaniment. Your clip seems to be perfect for that aim. In case I come up with something interesting, I’ll post it here.

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