Chopped Up Clavinet Through Wah Wah

I just recycled this ten year old recording made on my Hohner E7 Clavinet. It was originally a track in the piece Onikoroshi on the album Super Structure Baby (2004, Unearthed Music), which I think was recorded in 1999.

Unfortunately the rubber hammers on my clav have deteriorated so it is no longer playable. I have been meaning to restore it when I can find the time, but it is apparently a time consuming and arduous undertaking as you can tell from this video.

Robot Clavinet

2 thoughts on “Chopped Up Clavinet Through Wah Wah

  1. I had my E7 restored last summer. Same problem: sticky heads. I couldn’t stand having a case with so much potential “funk” standing in a corner.
    Listening to this instantly had me running back to mine. Thnx!

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