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Special thanks are in order for Peter Kirn, editor of Create Digital Music (CDM), for posting an article about on CDM. You may have noticed that CDM has been linked here since I started the site. It’s one of my favorite sites relating to modern music production with tons of great resources and articles. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in music technology.

In the article Peter writes, “Sound design secrets have traditionally been closely-guarded secret sauce. But in the age of the Web, the opposite is happening: people can actually enjoy sharing what they’re doing, just as passionate cooks chat about recipes on food blogs. Case in point: reader John Keston writes to tell us about, on which he’s blogging a new sound each day. Not only is this a nice way to talk about techniques with fellow enthusiasts, but it’s a great example of how you can use blogging to encourage you to get things accomplished, rather than just distracting you.”

Check out the complete article on CDM.

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