Synthesizer Fifths Drone

I added some delay to spread the stereo spectrum on this synthesizer drone of a low frequency fifith interval. During the recording you can hear the cutoff frequency changing as I turned the knob for it. On my most often used synth, the Korg MS2000 that was used for this recording, the surface around the cutoff frequency knob has been polished smooth from wear. I use it much more frequently than the modulation wheel or pitch wheel. I love knobs.

Synthesizer Fifths Drone

3 thoughts on “Synthesizer Fifths Drone

  1. Sounds good John! I also use the cutoff frequency knob the most and I love how all the different synths with different filter types and designs sound when you turn the cutoff frequency knob (or slider). The predecessors to the MS-2000, the Korg MS-10 and MS-20, really screams when you crank up the cutoff frequency. You can’t really beat the sound of analog filters especially on the old synths. How about some filter samples with the Sequential Circuits Pro-One? If I remember correctly, the Pro-One uses an analog Curtis Filter Chip that was also used in the famous Prophet synthesizers.

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