Signature Rhodes Chords: Part 3

This chord is a good example of open harmony. Open harmony is simply the use of intervals that are widely dispersed to produce chord structures.

This chord is an E thirteen with a flatted ninth. In sequence from the bottom up I’m playing E, F and G sharp as the tenth with my left hand, followed by D, G, and C (all naturals) with the right.

Rhodes Chord E13 (flat 9)


3 thoughts on “Signature Rhodes Chords: Part 3

  1. Heh, this may be my favorite series on audiocookbook, and it’s probably the simplest!

    I hear this chord and it sounds exactly like one Chick Corea played in “1000 Miles High” — it’s a passing chord, begging for resolution.

    And of course Jazz is all about the unresolved resolutions, like resolving this to the tonic major 7/minor chord.

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