Excerpt from Solo Set at MAW Party

beat_box_insidesRecently I was invited to perform during a rare indoors Minneapolis Art on Wheels event at the West Bank Social Club, a new media artist space above the Nomad in Minneapolis. The space contained a newer (1970s) Hammond organ, sans tone wheels and drawbars, with an after market analog beat box including buttons for “Rock 1”, “Rock 2”, “Rumba”, and more. The idea was to do a bit of improvising on the organ while various projections went on inside and outside the space.

I brought my laptop with Ableton and started by sampling all the patterns on the analog beat box. I also brought along my iPod Touch running Bebot to make some live loops to go along with the beats. Here’s an excerpt from the set. The only sound sources used were Bebot and and the Hammond analog beat box.

MAW Party Ostraka Set Excerpt

3 thoughts on “Excerpt from Solo Set at MAW Party

  1. This really takes me back to Reaktor 2 for some reason…seems like every instrument I made created this exact soundset. Really enjoyed this man.

    P.S. I irritate my wife with Bebot on occasion. Watching that little robot sing makes me giggle. Still haven’t tried to use it as a performance tool, but then again, I’m a drummer.

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