Beta Release of the GMS this September

GMS IconI have decided to release beta version binaries of the GMS for both Mac and Windows sometime next month. There a few bugs I have yet to solve, like the application freezing if you choose the video device more than once. I’ll be including a readme that lists the known issues along with the application files.

One of the reasons for doing this is to get some feedback on the tool, and find out if anyone is interested in continuing development on the project as Open Source. There are some pretty tricky issues with Processing and video that perhaps a more advanced developer than me might be able to optimize easily enough. I am interested in moving on to some other projects, and am fairly satisfied with how the GMS works for my own purposes at the moment.

If anyone is interested in experimenting with this tool (I know of a few interested parties so far), let me know in a comment and I’ll gauge my efforts on getting a beta out soon or over a more extended time period based on your feedback.

7 thoughts on “Beta Release of the GMS this September

  1. i’d be very interested in testing this out, also releasing this as open source would be super awesome

  2. I’d be very interested in experimenting with this. Open source I think would be great too if you are willing to do that.

  3. Being a musician in an experimental folktronica duo of sorts, this tool would be very interesting to experiment with and I think releasing it open source would be an added bonus.

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