Water Dripping Sample in GrainMachine

This evening I have been working on the user interface for GrainMachine, a Max for Live instrument I developed for personal use in October of 2009. In the process of tonight’s testing I came up with this sound. I started with a sample of water dripping, loaded it into GrainMachine and then chose a very narrow grain at a fairly low frequency. Finally I swept slowly through the position of the sample creating the result heard below.

Water Dripping Sample in GrainMachine

2 thoughts on “Water Dripping Sample in GrainMachine

  1. Hi, I was hoping to download your Grain Machine instrument to use with max for live. Did you ever release it and if so could you point me in the direction of the download?

    I would love to see what its capable of!
    Olyvia Salyer

  2. @Olyvia, I have been working on other projects, so I have had no time to finalize Grain Machine. It works perfectly for me, but others could not get it working with their equipment. I found that I also had some trouble getting it to work on other peoples hardware. Not sure what’s causing this, but I will post on ACB when it is resolved. Thanks!

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