Wanted: Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 with MPG-80 Programmer

Dear ACB readers, I am looking for a Roland MKS-80 rack mount synthesizer preferably with the companion MPG-80 programmer as shown in the photo above. I have a very specific project in mind using the GMS and something like the MKS-80 together. There are several of these synths available on eBay and even a few on craigslist (although not in my area). Unfortunately the prices seem somewhat inflated, so I am asking around the old fashioned way. Please contact me directly (keston [at] audiocookbook [dot] org), or in the comments, if you know of one available for sale. If you sell me yours you’ll have the pleasure of being able to hear sounds and phrases that I produce with it here on ACB, and a mention in the liner notes for the second Ostracon album. Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Wanted: Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80 with MPG-80 Programmer

  1. Wow, they’ve really gone up in price. I got my set for $800 + $800. Good luck. Try muffwiggler.com buy & sell forum.

  2. Looks like I may have to rethink this MKS business. One could get a Profit ’08 PE with knobs galore for much less. Lacks the vintage cred, but probably sounds just as good if not better, and more versatile.

  3. i may be able to hook up the super jupiter, but i dont think the dude still has the controller…

  4. I have a Roland MKS-20, MKS-30, MKS-70 and a MKS-80 (no programmer). I also have the Roland 76key controller keyboard.

  5. although this in an old post, I just stumbled across it while trying to figure out how to sell my mks-80. I do not have the programmer though. would like to sell it/best offer!

  6. I have a MKS80 with Programmer in great shape for sale. In one rack it’s whole life.
    mattvallen @ gmail dot com (no spaces of course)

  7. I have both Roland units for sale – In a rack, in a smoke free studio – original owner. Super Jupiter MKS-80 and Super Jupiter Programmer MPG-80.

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