Video: Bad News by Camp Dark

Here’s another video from the new Camp Dark album Nightmare in a Day. This video, created by Chris LeBlanc, is for the song Bad News.

New Camp Dark video by Chris LeBlanc.: Part bizarro media archivist and part analog glitch butcher, he takes the obscure movies that were left behind in the VHS era and uses their clips as source material for otherworldly visions. He uses old modified color processors and 90s video enhancers to bleed feedback loops and low rent special effects into unnerving video tape sequences where nightmares have tracking problems. Chris described his process a bit more here: “some effects in this video were achieved by taking apart a color processor and I detuned the hell out of it and made it a feedback loop. Then I chroma keyed in the feedback using a cheap video mixer so it looks super low rent and cool. There are a couple other analog processors in there for the neon colors too.”

For this track my pimary role was synth bass using my Roland Juno-106. I will be performing with Camp Dark (Graham O’Brien and Adam Svec), bassist Casey O’Brien, keyboardist Matt Leavitt, and guitarist Chris Salter at the Icehouse on May 15, 2015 to celebrate the release.

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