Tom Player


Tom Player is a British composer, working in London. Working primarily in music to picture, Tom is best known for his work in advertising & film trailers, listing The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, Infiniti, The Sunday Times, Cartier, Ikea “Gnomes”, Google, Top Gear, Sony Playstation as favourite works. Previously working closely with Hollywood composers Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi & Lorne Balfe – on titles The Dark Knight, Frost Nixon & Iron Man and more. Before this, with film composer Richard Harvey as assistants, he is now responsible for Lost Track Productions ltd, a composition company running out of London.

As comfortable writing for live orchestra & choirs as he is with synthesizers and sound sculpting – Tom is aspiring always to create music with emotional intensity, physical resonance and to leave a lasting impression. Whether this is through the intimacy of the piano or cello, or the symphonic force of a 80 piece orchestra and choir ā€“ or synthesised instruments from another world. After LA, further film work led into a career as the global synchronisation manager for Cutting Edge Group, a LA & London based film music financier, where he continued to grow an understanding of the music business from the inside. Tom has received awards, accolades and national press coverage (The Sunday Times) for his music, and has recently released “Resonance Theory” – his debut trailer album, recorded in Air Lyndhurst with the English Session Orchestra. For licensing and commissions contact info[at]losttrack[dot]co[dot]uk

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