The Janitors Sink

Until now the sounds presented on ACB have included just about everything except the janitor’s sink. So here it is, recorded in the Grandpa-George building, just outside their studio space. This is the sound created by the plumbing resonating as the hot water runs through the pipes. Apparently the sound doesn’t happen with cold water, and it takes a minute for it to happen with the hot water turned on. For some reason the pipes don’t resonate unless they have hot water running through them. Derrin played the sink while I recorded the results on the Sony PCM-D50.

Janitor’s Sink

2 thoughts on “The Janitors Sink

  1. Thats is quite a thermal anomaly. About 5 secs in it sounds like the constant vacuuming from the store that is above my office. Same kind of tones as the pipes, but constantly changing position overhead.

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