6 thoughts on “The Amazing Sound Art of Christine Sun Kim

  1. Maybe “The Amazing Sound Art of Christine Sun Kim” is really amazing. Maybe. I don’t know, because what i listened in this video is messy and confused. I’m sorry, but your site is audiocookbook… location sound editing, aesthetic sound design and balanced-loudness-coherent sound mix are ingredients of every audio receipes above all of a video like this, where the silences and the sounds of cristina are the Art and what remain is only boundary.

  2. I agree that there is mess and confusion, but is “messy and confused” a bad thing in this case? Given the context that Christina outlines, about questioning the ownership of sound, perhaps the chaotic confusion in her work is part of what makes it relevant. On the other hand, the story here is incomplete even though it provided enough intrigue to prompt me into sharing it here.

  3. To be honest, I felt this work uninspiring, and not creative enough to deserve the label ‘amazing’. I found neither the sound nor the art was pleasing in sum or product.
    I did like the idea of tape over the speakers, but this was never elaborated on. I felt like it was just irreverent playing, rather than a focusing of creativity.

    Anyway, I look forward to more things from audiocookbook. :)

  4. I take full responsibility for the “amazing” label. I rarely post items other than my own work, but when I do it is something that inspires me. In this case it is the conceptual nature and intent of her ideas that are inspiring, rather than technical execution. Here’s more of her work in a setting that is less documentary and more documentation.

  5. I don’t speak of “messy and confused” about Christine’s sound approach and the “confusion” in her work have nothing in common with the bad ear who had produced the video. I have read Amazing-Sound-Art and after video start I was disappointed. But this is only my opinion.

  6. @Giuseppe Thanks for sharing your opinion! It’s great to see people commenting again. Comments have been few since the server crash. Now that all the ACB data is recovered I’m excited to be posting and hearing from people like you. Thanks again!

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